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A complete guide on getting started on Gigzoe!

Hi! Welcome to Gigzoe. As an approved Seller Partner on Gigzoe, you would have to provide an amazing customer experience to the Buyers who book your gigs. This Blog is a complete guide to help you getting started and becoming a successful Seller Partner on Gigzoe.

Following guidelines, SOPs, terms:

We have made certain Terms of Service, SOPs and community guidelines which are applicable to you when you sign up and are approved as a seller on Gigzoe.

It is really important to keep it real and to not create scam, fake and fraudulent content and gigs on Gigzoe. 

  • Upload a clean, neat and professional Display Picture of yours. Don’t impersonate someone else. 
  • All the information provided in the Profile and in the Gigs should be authentic, belong to you and in no case should be copied or violates someone else’s copyright or trademark.
  • Gig samples, portfolio samples, links, graphics uploaded by you should be created by you and/or should be free from any copyright/trademark infringement. 
  • No design work, content work, website & app development work should be faked 

Discipline & Integrity:

  • Follow Gigzoe Terms of Service and SOPs during all times while using the platform.
  • Don’t poach or contact leads from GigChats personally, provide personal information or collect personal information. 
  •  When leads try to reach you personally by providing contact details, please tell them to use the platform to communicate with you
  • Be courteous & transparent in dealing with our support team and handling order conflicts. 
  • Do not spam leads and maintain their privacy at all times. Do gentle follow ups. 

Creating & updating Gigs:

On Gigzoe, you have to create Standard Gigs which are published on the Website and Mobile App. Buyers visiting the Website or using the Mobile App can book your gigs and start GigChat with you.

Standard Gig has 3 packages Basic, Standard and Premium.

A really good Gig consists of highly optimised, well written content, information, competitive pricing, good quality images/portfolio/infographics.

What goes into creating a highly attractive Gig on Gigzoe:

Gig Title:
Put a catchy, accurate and to the point Gig Title. You can include delivery time like no. of days in the title as well along with right adjectives & verbs.

  • I will register your company in 20 days 
  • I will apply for Trademark in 4 days 
  • I will design a minimal and modern logo for your business
  • I will develop high functioning Ecommerce Website for your business
  • I will write well researched, SEO friendly Website Content and Blogs

Gig Description or Gig Offer:
This is where you tell the Buyer about what you are going to offer in this Gig. Buyers read this before contacting you. Put a comprehensive and a detailed description of what you will provide in a particular Gig or Service. 

A Good description contains:

  • Welcome message, example: Welcome to my Ecommerce Website Development Gig/Service
  • Your experience & skills in providing the service
  • What you will offer in this Gig
  • How you will offer the Service
  • Why people should choose you over others 
  • Any offer or discount 
  • Please do not include personal contact information in your description.

Example of a really well written Gig Description written by Ecommerce Website Developer: 

“ Welcome to my Ecommerce Website Development Gig. If you are looking for an Ecommerce website for your business, you are at the perfect place.
I am Ajay Arora, a Web Developer with an experience if 5 years in developing and delivering high performance websites and apps. 

Why book this service with me: 

  • Developed over 100+ Ecommerce Websites 
  • Great knowledge of CMS like wordpress, woocommerce magento, wix, shopfiy, Php etc.
  • 100% Project Completion Rate
  • On time delivery of service with regular updates
  • Tracking of all deliverables 
  • 100% Refund if service not delivered
  • Payment as per milestones 


  • Free Website Maintenance for 3 Months

You can see some of the websites developed by me in my portfolio.
Check out my packages at Gigzoe. Click on the chat button to discuss with me and request a custom quote if needed.”

Gig Deliverables: 
Next you create your Basic, Standard and Premium packages and mark deliverables very accurately for each package. Make sure the standard package is better priced with more deliverables than basic and same way for premium. 
In case any deliverables is not mentioned by Gigzoe, you can write that in the text fields provided as “ Other Inclusions” and “Does not Include” 

Specifically provide what is not included and any disclaimers or T & Cs.

Some really important points to consider in marking deliverables: 

  • All committed deliverables need to be provided 
  • Refund is applicable in case committed deliverables are not provided
  • All deliverables are automatically created as milestones to be tracked 
  • Specifically provide what is not included and any disclaimers or T & Cs.

Gig Pricing:
Now is the time to price your Basic, Standard and Premium Packages and put a delivery time to each package. 

Tips on Pricing:

  • Keep it competitive. Check out prices of other Sellers on website
  • Keep it real 
  • Do not enter low prices intentionally to get more leads and then increase price later during GigChat
  • GST 18% is added to your price

Tips on Delivery Time:

  • Always keep a buffer or extra period of 4-5 days
  • Buyers can ask for a refund if service is not delivered on committed time
  • You can later also increase time with their permission 

Gig Samples & Portfolio:
Guess what catches the eyes of the buyers first? – Your Gig Graphics & Video. 

Please do not include personal information in any of the graphics or links. 

Tips for Gig Video:

  • Gigs with a Video aways get more leads & sell more
  • Include your experience & skills
  • Why leads should consider over others
  • Always close with a Call to action. Example “ Click on chat button to discuss with me before booking the service or request a custom quote” 

Tips for Graphics & Images:

  • If you are a designer, include your best art work and samples
  • Regularly update your samples with new work 
  • If you are a developer, include real screenshots of application & website developed 
  • If you are a content writer, include screenshots of blogs written, website content, infographics
  • If you are a digital marketer, include images of Google, Facebook and Insta ads, Infographics, screenshots of dashboards 
  • If you are into Tax, Compliances & Professionals services, trademark free images, infographics, screenshots 
  • Images are not heavy in size, not pixelated and blurry. 
  • Images should not infringe someone else’s trademark or copyright

Tips for Portfolio Links:

  • Include URLs or Links to your portfolio
  • Links should be live and working 
  • Links should not contain any warning or virus issues
  • Links should not be of personal websites

How to get more Leads?

How Gigzoe helps you get more leads:

  • Create your standard gigs as per guidelines and get them approved
  • Earn badges, good ratings so that your Gigs appear on first page 
  • Earn badges to get personal recommendations from Gigzoe Team

Promote your own Gig and get customers:

  • Share your Gigs on Social Media 
  • Embed link to your Gig on your personal website or social media profiles saying “Hire me on Gigzoe Team

Responsiveness & Communication:


Success on converting leads and completing orders revolved majorly around your Communication. 

Communication is the king on Gigzoe!

How to do GigChats that convert maximum leads:

  • Respond as soon as possible, Greet and introduce yourself warmly 
  • Best response time is under 30 minutes 
  • Ask for service needed
  • Ask proper questions around service needed to know the scope of work 
  • Make questions for the services in advance 
  • Schedule time for a call to understand more about the work
  • Suggest better solutions
  • Mention delivery time
  • Always mention price or fees with 18% Gst extra
  • Create Custom Gig with all deliverables 
  • Do not share personal contact information
  • Where the lead wants to talk out of Gigzoe, let the lead know the same is not allowed and to use Gigzoe to communicate  
  • Let Leads and Buyers know about refund assurance
  • Let Leads and Buyers know about their payment is 100% secure, Escrow Payment as per milestones and that payment is settled to you after work approval 

Successful Order Completion:


Successful order completion is really important to get a good feedback, rating and review from the Buyer and Gigzoe.

Good ratings & feedback gets you closer to earning badges, appear on top in the Gig List, get more leads and convert more leads!!

 To complete an order successfully, make sure you do the below: 

  • Order is completed on committed time
  • Order deliverables are uploaded and completed
  • Order milestones are tracked
  • Respond promptly, give regular updates
  • Communicate clearly about new changes, new deliverables and price change
  • Order is approved by the Buyer

Resell to Existing Customers:

“You can get more sales out of existing customers than new customers!”

The most important thing that Sellers forget is to resell other services or gigs to their existing customers, probably make them hire you on a monthly basis and get more sales.

Tips to Resell:

  • Complete the first Order successfully. Obviously then the Buyer would consider you for a Second Order
  • Ask Buyers in general about their business and what service are they looking for
  • Send Custom Gig to resell for new services 
  • Figure out if Buyer needs the same service on a monthly basis, you can then share Custom Gigs every month and make the Buyer your monthly customer

Spread the word and contribute to Community:

The more you spread the word about Gigzoe and contribute to the Community, the more successful you become on Gigzoe. 
Gigzoe rewards you and helps you earn badges and personal recommendations when you refer to Gigzoe, share about it and contribute to Gigzoe Community. 

How you can refer and contribute to Gigzoe:

  • Share your Gigs
  • Share completed Order on Social Media
  • Refer more Sellers
  • Refer More Buyers
  • Post on Community, share your recent work, share knowledge, ask questions and create value for Community

We hope this blog would have really helped you in knowing how Gigzoe works for Seller Partners, making a proper profile and creating high selling Gigs. For any queries you can always write to us at [email protected] 

Keep Tinkering!!

Team Gigzoe

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