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Can’t Convert from GigChats? Read what best Seller Partners do

Many Seller Partners find it tough to convert leads from Gigchats while for some it is a smooth ride converting leads and developing business.

The common reasons that stops you from converting leads is the way you start a chat, communicate and the impression you form.

Let’s see an example of how the best Seller Partners communicate on Gigzoe. 


Lead: Hi, I am interested in your Ecommerce Website Development Gig. I wanted to discuss and hire you.

Seller: Hi, Welcome to Gigzoe! Sure. I would be happy to help you with your Ecommerce Website.

Seller: I am sending a few basic questions, please answer these for me and then we can discuss on a call.

Lead: Sure!!


  1. What kind of ecommerce Website do you need – Single Vendor or Multi-Vendor
  2. Type of products/services you are selling?
  3. How many categories and products will be there approximately?
  4. Do you prefer any CMS like WordPress, Shopify, Magento or PHP
  5. Any budget that you have in mind for the website development?

Lead: Great, let me answer these…

(After Answering All questions)

Seller: Great, now I know a lot more about what you want. Let me share some of the Ecommerce Website I have developed. We can then discuss all the features you need on the website and have a call.

(Schedule call using Gigzoe Calling Features)

Seller: I can then send a custom offer for your requirement.

Seller: let me remind you, You get complete 100% Gigzoe Assurance and refund guarantee if service is not delivered as committed. Further, you can pay as per milestones.

Seller: The Final price after the discussion is 20,000 plus GST 18%. Please Confirm and I can send the custom gig for you to book.

Lead: yes, please share it and I will book!

So, what did the Seller Partner do right here:

  • Started the Chat warmly with a greeting
  • Straight away asked basic questions to engage the Lead
  • Then discussed advance features and scheduled a call to answer queries
  • Be transparent about Price by mentioning extra GST
  • Share your best work samples and portfolio
  • Gave 100% Gigzoe Assurance and refund protection to the Buyer
  • Shared the Custom Gig with all deliverables

We are sure that if you follow this pattern you are definitely going to yourself converting more leads and become a Gigzoe Preferred Seller Partner!

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