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Kapil Dev.

Investor, Gigzoe

Kapil Dev. (Investor, Gigzoe)

Clients rate Facebook Ads Services  4.9/5   based on 643+ client reviews

Reviews  4.9/5 based on 643+ Booked


    Thank you Vibhor for putting in the extra effort during our project. I am truly appreciates it and your positive attitude has helped me stay motivated.

  • Anand N



    Excellent job is done by vibhour as we expect we received the Twice.

  • Manish R

  • Vishal A


    Mrs vibhor has done a fantastic job I really want to appreciate because he has done a good job according to his given a commitment and he guide us for our organization like a team I have no word say anything according to his way of working style... you know why I have no words....? because he is working according to the business... I have seen a lots of marketers..and he is working like...we reached to the customers on website our work is finished...buts here is the game changing part? you know why? because Mrs Vibhor Guide Us according to the Customers Needs... then we discuss about our goal then we are Running a ads according to the customer..this is my experience.. I have no words to say anything about him because it's depends on experience.. thank you 🙂

  • Sujit J

    Shruti knows her job and does it the way like it is her own task. We never had to do follow up with her to get our job done.

  • binith d

    Thanks for your service. We got a lot of help improving our business from you.

  • Apurba K

    outstanding experience with seller.

  • binith d

    Great work.

  • Vrinda G

    He was very good at his job. Always available to clear any doubt and completed all the listed jobs on time. Surely recommend

  • Zarvis Technologies P

    has good experience and deep knowledge

Frequently asked questions

  • Why book Facebook Ads Services on Gigzoe?

    Usually Businesses have to put a lot of time in finding and getting quotes from various service providers, Gigzoe helps you save a lot of time by comparing and negotiating quotes for all your business services on one platform with different verified Service Providers. Gigzoe further allows you to book services with these Experts with 100% refund protection, option to pay in parts, track service delivery & dedicated support leading to full trust & transparency.

  • Are Gigzoe Service Experts reliable?

    Yes, all our Seller Partners are verified, screened and quality checked before approval. We approve only 10% - 20% best profiles of total registered applications. Further, our Seller Partners follow strict guidelines to complete your Service Orders. We work on training and upskilling our Seller Partners on a regular basis.

  • How will I pay for services on Gigzoe?

    You shall book the Service on Gigzoe by paying a minimum booking amount . You can then make the balance payments as per project milestones or as per progress of your Service Order. Payment can be made easily on Gigzoe Website or Mobile Apps.

  • How will I communicate with Expert & track service delivery?

    You can use Gigzoe Mobile App or Website Dashboard to communicate with the Expert using our Chat and Audio Calling Tools. Gigzoe uses masked calling where your number is kept private and not shared with our Partners to protect your privacy. You can also share files, track service delivery with regular updates on our Mobile App. Gigzoe’s 100% Refund Protection Policy is not valid if you communicate with our Seller Partners outside of Gigzoe.

  • What happens if I am not happy with the services?

    In a case, where your Service Order is not delivered as per committed quality and timeline, we transfer your order to another Gigzoe Expert or issue you a 100% Refund.

  • Does Gigzoe provide security & support?

    Gigzoe provided dedicated support to all support queries and concerns. We further provide 100% Refund Protection to the Buyers. Gigzoe uses Google Cloud Services to keep your data secure and safe. Our Data centres are ISO 27001 certified. Gigzoe uses a 128 bit SSL encryption for transmission of data and enables complete data privacy.

Learn About Facebook Ads Services

  • What are Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads?

    Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media sites in the world, allowing us to connect with friends and family while also allowing us to share images, videos, and promote our companies. If you want to improve sales, reach a new audience, raise brand awareness, or enhance website traffic, social media marketing is a strong tool to use. Making advertising is a great approach for marketers to obtain all of this.

  • How to Create a Facebook Ad?

    • Create a Facebook Ads Manager account. The Ad Manager on Facebook is a comprehensive dashboard that gives users an overview of all their ads.
    • When you log into Ads Manager, you'll see a performance dashboard with a list of all of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads, as well as the results they've generated for your Facebook page.
    • Like many social media advertising networks, Facebook's Ads Manager is built with your campaign goal in mind. Ads Manager will urge you to set an objective for your campaign before you begin.
    • The next step is to set up your target audience, which you may do for each ad set in the same campaign.
    • Make a financial plan. You can create a daily budget or a lifetime budget on Facebook.
    • You'll want to keep an eye on your advertising after they're up and running. You'll want to look in two locations to see their results: the Facebook Ad Manager and your marketing software.

    Book Facebook Ads Services from Gigzoe for assistance in Facebook Ads.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Run Facebook Ads?

    You can create a daily budget or a lifetime budget for social media marketing on Facebook. Here's how they compare and contrast.

    • Daily Budget: This is the option you'll want to use if you want your ad to run continually throughout the day. When you use a daily budget, Facebook will keep track of how much you spend each day. Remember that an ad set's minimum daily budget is $1.00 USD and must be at least 2X your CPC.
    • Lifetime Budget: Select a lifetime budget if you want your ad to run for a specific amount of time. This means that Facebook will spread out your spending across the duration of the ad.
    • Manual Bidding: Manual bidding is the way to go if you don't want Facebook to set your bids for you. This option gives you complete control over the amount you're willing to pay for each performed action.

  • How to Create Content for Facebook Ads?

    • Narrow your audience using Facebook targeting, then write to them.
    • Create several Facebook ads for various people. Don't treat your ad like a billboard; Facebook's strength is its ability to target.
    • One Call-to-Action will keep you focused. The most effective Facebook ads have a defined objective.
    • Keep it short and to the point. It's tempting to squeeze as much information as possible into an ad because you're paying for it.
    • Writing an easy-to-understand Facebook ad should be your top priority.
    • Make sure your Facebook ad copy matches your image. There's a mad rush to get an image linked to an ad when it's time to run it.

    Hire Freelance Content Writers to create content for your Facebook Ads.

  • How to Use Gigzoe to Hire Facebook Ads Experts?

    Gigzoe is a freelance marketplace to hire the best social content planner to help you grow your business. To Hire Facebook Ads Experts in Gigzoe, visit the website and select Content & Marketing from the available options. You’ll find a range of content writing packages in different aspects like Blogs and Articles, Digital Marketing Services, Web & UX Content, Social & Copywriting, and Translation & Proofreading. Of those, select “Facebook Ads Services” under Digital Marketing Services. You can choose the suitable freelancer from the pool of freelancers available based on your budget, city, writer’s badge, and experience. You can also message or set up a call with the freelancer to discuss your requirements and pay the amount in installments.