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Apekshit K.


I can be your Social Media Marketer & Content Creator. Hire me on Gigzoe!

   Savitribai Phule Pune University

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3 years
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30 min
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About Apekshit K.

I have expertise in the Complete Social Media Marketing

1. Paid Ads (Facebook/Instagram and Google ads)

2. Personal Social media manager who can handle your social media account on a daily basis.

3. Logo Designing

4. Content creation

      -Daily posts

      -Ad creatives

      - Blog writing

      - Product Description writing

I can create custom gigs as per need so, Let's connect on GIGZOE!
Have A Great Day Ahead! :)

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Apekshit K.


  • 4.8
  • 3 yrs Exp.
  • 10 Orders
  • 30 min
hire designer

Apekshit K.


  • 4.8
  • 3 yrs Exp.
  • 10 Orders
  • 30 min

Client Reviews and Projects

  • Neha B.

    Logo Design- Moojic

    Apekshit has completed my company's logo that's so attractive. he took information about the company based on that he made the logo that was so impressive! he provided the logo in 4 different formats. work was pretty good! Thanks, Apekshit K.

  • Manas Vasistha

    Class pro logo design

    Apekshit completed my logo design task within 3days in 3 different formats. logo designs are so cool he presented 10+ designs for my logo I loved his skills and delivery was so instant! Great Work dude!

  • Disha K.

    Personal Social media Manager

    Apekshit is my social media manager, he handles my Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. manages comments, like. gives responses to messages that make my profile image positive online so more people join me. Apekshit's strategies are next level! so futuristic person with proper actions.

  • Smita Kashyap - Yoga Master

    My personal social Media manager

    Apekshit k. will complete almost a year with me now as my personal social media manager, last year during lockdown we met on Linkedin he showed different ways to use my social media effectively so I hired him as my personal manager, and till this date have 7-8 genuine customers and generated revenue above 3lakhs during the pandemic year! MUST REFER HIM.

  • Niranjan Samani, Doctor

    Instagram Influencer

    I used to be a normal routine doctor, Apekshit gave me the creative way and made me an Instagram influencer where he asked me to perform some reels based upon my occupation(advisory reels), he promoted it organically, he managed my complete Instagram profile and now I have followers more than 350k! Well-Done Apekshit K.

  • Manoj Kasbe - MIT College of railway engineering and research

    Paid ads campaign

    Apekshit k. ran 4 ad campaigns for me in the period of Oct 2020 to Dec 2020 for new admissions. where I got very good results from him. he ran ads worth ₹2.15lakhs where we got admissions around 12-14lakhs. It was a good deal!

  • Sonia Gund


    This is sonia co-founder @klerenmoda, Apekshit works for me as a social media manager. He is an expert at google and FB ads. apart from this he knows industry standards according to that he makes creatives for me, gives me updates on the website/app changes. He just An Expert!

  • Esha Agarwal


    I am Esha Agarwal. I have a clothing business in Maharashtra and Apekshit is working on paid ads for me. he gives me around 12-15 leads at ₹1000 which is pretty fair, till this date he has completed all the projects on time at a minimal cost.

  • Rithik Agarwal


    I must say the Service apekshit K. is providing is so awesome! 1. On-time Project Delivery 2. Creative Strategies 3. Suggestive in nature 4. Always Delivers more than promised still using his services and I am totally satisfied.

  • Anand Sadul


    https://www.linkedin.com/in/apekshit-kumbhar-114066b7/ (Check Review Here)* Social Media Champ! Your ways are pretty different and effective! You work so greatly specifically with social media. You exactly know the areas of social media, what to post what not to! you understand the current situation and trends and works according to it to get max reach including paid ads and social media management! In a person as well you are so genuine, fun and happy happening person. Kudos to your further work! thank you!