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Subhajit R.

  West Bengal

11+Yrs Exp-LMS, Wordpress, Android, Google Cloud, Bluetooth, IOT

   West Bengal State University

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About Subhajit R.

I am the Co-Founder & Director - of an an Ed-Tech and Technology Service Provider Firm. We have done extensive work on multiple projects related to embedded computing, national defense, healthcare research, biometric algorithms, Digital Signal Processing, Bluetooth Stack, Android App, USB Stack, WordPress Frontend, WordPress Plugin, and many more. I am also a social entrepreneur by profession, working on Early Childhood Education for rural children. We run literacy programs for kids in rural areas to help them to read, write and communicate in English by training local teachers and supporting them with technology. We have been awarded multiple awards because of the impact they have created in the rural areas of India.

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Subhajit R.

West Bengal

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Client Reviews and Projects

  • Avinash B

    Web Vendor Portal and Admin Panel for STYLE Rent Clothes Rental Platform, Quantity : 1

    Their services can be better if they take more onus!

  • Sudip P

    Android App for Education & E-Learning Solutions, Quantity : 1

  • ISKCON Chennai

    Learndash(LMS) Website with XAPI/SCORM LRS (Glassblade)

    Highly efficient in their work having a smart team. Looking forward to work with them in our couple of upcoming projects. Project description The objective was to create an LMS website that can host Video, HTML and Quiz based courses where learners can login to study, evaluate their learning, view progress report and download certificates. 1. Creating Wordpress website with Learndash plugin for LMS. 2. Setting up wordpress with Astra Theme and Elementor as builder. 3. Configuring Glassblade LRS for progress tracking. 4. Regularly updating courses. 5. Maintaining the website so as to host thousands of users simultaneously. 6. Taking ownership of the server and maintaining the same.

  • Serein Marketing

    Learndash Consultant & Backend Plugin Development

    Highly Satisfied with the work. They had a nice and wonderful team highly competent in their skill. Had a great experience working with them . Project description Client : Serein The objective was to upgrade Learndash with more features, such as side panel, theme and backend plugin development. Our work involved 1. Updating Learndash configurations with focus mode. 2. Staging Environment for the website. 3. Cleaning the code base and optimizing the site. 4. User Role Management. 5. Revamping the look and feel of the website 6. Role based access to pages. 7. Creating a Report Dashboard Plugin for Custom Survey. 8. Reducing the monthly expenditure by using the right tools. 9. Helping with Course Progression.

  • British Indian Association

    Website Development

    Had a nice experience working with them . Clear approach of what has to be done. Working environment is really Splendid. Overall Nice wonderful job execution by Krishworks. The objective of this project was to research and study 100+ years old documents and present them in a website that then becomes the digital identity of the organization. Our work involved - Reading, Understanding & Digitizing a large number of old publications - Travelling to site to understand requirements - Designing a website that justifies the legacy of the organization

  • Aditya Birla Group

    Android Native App with Firebase, Google Cloud as backend

    Another beautiful project done by krishworks. Really satisfied with their working culture and output. The deliverables were on time. Looking forward to work with them in near future. Project description The objective was to design an Android Native App that can host Videos, HTML Based Courses, PDFs, Quizzes for students. The app should also be able to be white labeled for organizations. 1. Designing an Android Native Application from scratch. 2. Using Google Authentication for login. 3. Syncing with Cloud to download json files. 4. Logging user usage data for Google Analytics. 5. In-app Notification. 6. Exo-Player for playing Vimeo Videos. 7. Apache Cordova modules to host HTML Contents. 8. File Encryption for offline support. 9. Hosting exams - time bound, MCQ type questions, detailed exam logs, post exam report fetch etc. 10. QR code scanning 11. Zoom Video Conferencing Support 12. Dynamic Links Sharing 13. User Profiling

  • Aditya Birla Group

    MQTT Based Intra-Device Communication Inside Classroom

    Subhajit Is very diligent towards his work . Approach was very innovative. Working with them is very easy . They have delivered before the given time . Highly Satisfied with the outcome . Project description The objective of this project was to allow teachers to have complete control on the android tablets distributed to rural students is their classroom. As a part of the rural education initiative Smartphones/Tablets were distributed to groups of 4 students in the classes, however it was observed that few students who were quick to learn went to advanced levels in the software installed in these devices, while the others lagged. Few students went out of the software and accessed other applications, the scenario was difficult to manage for a teacher. The need was to give complete control of all the devices in the class to the teacher, in a way such that the very student were on the same page as that of the teacher. We developed a system where the set of devices inside the classroom communicated with each other via intranet. We used MQTT protocol to solve this, the teachers device acted as the broker and the student devices acted as the client. Teachers controlled all the student device

  • Texas Instruments

    USB powered cloud (HADOOP) Storage Device

    They Had a very innovative approach toward the project. Very happy and satisfied with the output. Looking forward to work with them in couple of more projects. Project Description- Connecting USB Mass Storage and HDFS File System TM4C1294NCPDT controller is enumerated as USB HIGH Speed (Slave) Mass Storage Device. The device gets powered from PC and connects via Ethernet to a Cloud Server having HDFS file system. The objective of this project was to help organizations where “pendrive” is an essential device/tool to either exchange data or boot a newly built motherboard, data leakage is rampant there and in spite of enforcement of all standards, little has been done to prevent such security breach. To address this problem we thought to remove the concept of having a flash memory inside a USB MSC device and replace it with network connectivity. The Host PC continues to detect the device as a mass storage device, but when the host tries to write something to the device, the device takes the data from the host and pushes it to a cloud server, and when the Host reads data from the device, the device pulls the data from the cloud back to the device.

  • Bagicha Tea

    Wordpress Plugin(Backend), LMS and Frontend Design & Development

    Krishworks had done a wonderful job . We were very satisfied to work with them . Looking forward to work with them in our upcoming projects. Projects Details- The Objective was to design & develop an Ecommerce website that sells tea for a 70year old company and also generates leads for possible resellers. Work involved : 1. Wordpress E-commerce website using Woocomerce - Invoice generation, shipping rate implementation, Tracking 2. Designing and Developing Elementor based website 3. Custom Plugin development for backend work. 4. App and website syncup using cloud database. 5. Learning Managament System - Tracking and Progress Report. 6. Social Feed integration. Krishworks was involved in understanding the needs of the target customer group and proposing the right user flow architecture for the website. Before Krishworks joined the team the company had different vendors managing different cloud spaces which was otherwise redundant. Krishworks worked as the coordinator and brought all entities such as app, website under 1 cloud space.