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Kapil Dev.

Investor, Gigzoe

Kapil Dev. (Investor, Gigzoe)

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Reviews  5.0/5 based on 19+ Booked

  • Kaivalya N

    Excellent service, quick response & clear advise

  • Rajarshi C

    I am out of words to express how satisfied and happy I am to have chosen Ashish for my job. He is thoroughly professional and caring with customers. I received help in every possible way and was updated and educated in every step. I strongly recommend him for your service!

  • Arti G

    Professionally completed task within timeframe.

  • Amit P

    We availed services for DSC and Brand Registration from AGMK and the service offered by them was really prompt and satisfactory. They are expert in the field and answered all your questions related to service very efficiently, and the best part is that the service fees is very reasonable. Thanks and highly recommended!

  • Ankit S

    ASHISH is a very informative and well responsible person. He did the job on time and did very well.

  • Margaret M

    I was very happy with the service and attention given to the assignment by Rahul A. (CA). At first there was a delay due to the downtime of the server or app on this website, not his fault. Then the manager here intervened to bring the requirement to him. Once he was made aware of my requirement he followed up the assignment diligently, even late at night if needed, sent the pen drive with digital certificate very promptly- it was received the next day by me- that is we did the process on Sat at 4 p.m and by 1.00 pm on Monday I got the pen drive. He patiently helped with my questions concerning how exactly to digitally sign forms online , etc. I am happy with his service level, professionalism and care as well as Gigzoe manager Kalpana's drive in getting this resolved satisfactorily.

  • Joyshree C

    Thank you for your assistance and swift actions

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  • Why book Digital Signature for Foreign citizens and NRI on Gigzoe?

    Usually Businesses have to put a lot of time in finding and getting quotes from various service providers, Gigzoe helps you save a lot of time by comparing and negotiating quotes for all your business services on one platform with different verified Service Providers. Gigzoe further allows you to book services with these Experts with 100% refund protection, option to pay in parts, track service delivery & dedicated support leading to full trust & transparency.

  • Are Gigzoe Service Experts reliable?

    Yes, all our Seller Partners are verified, screened and quality checked before approval. We approve only 10% - 20% best profiles of total registered applications. Further, our Seller Partners follow strict guidelines to complete your Service Orders. We work on training and upskilling our Seller Partners on a regular basis.

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    In a case, where your Service Order is not delivered as per committed quality and timeline, we transfer your order to another Gigzoe Expert or issue you a 100% Refund.

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    Gigzoe provided dedicated support to all support queries and concerns. We further provide 100% Refund Protection to the Buyers. Gigzoe uses Google Cloud Services to keep your data secure and safe. Our Data centres are ISO 27001 certified. Gigzoe uses a 128 bit SSL encryption for transmission of data and enables complete data privacy.

Learn About Digital Signature for Foreign citizens and NRI

  • What is Digital Signature for Foreign Citizens and NRI?

    A Digital Signature Certificate for NRI verifies your identification over the internet. It also ensures the absolute secrecy of the information transferred via a digital certificate, providing you with a high level of protection for your online transactions. You can use certificates to encrypt data so that it can only be viewed by the intended recipient. You can digitally sign information to ensure that it has not been altered in transit and to confirm your identity as the message's sender.

  • How Do I Apply for Digital Signature for Foreign Citizens and NRI?

    • Go to the website of a Certifying Authority in India that is authorized to issue Class 2 Digital Certificate.
    • After you've downloaded the form, fill in all of the essential information in the form.
    • An attesting officer must attest to the supporting document presented as confirmation of identity and address.
    • A demand draught or check in the name of the Local Registration Authority where you will submit your application for verification must be obtained for payment of the DSC application.
    • In an envelope, enclose the duly filled DSC Registration Form and the Demand Draft.
    • For further processing, address the attached envelope to the Local Registration Authority (LRA) and mail it to the LRA's designated location.

    Book Digital Signature for Foreign citizens and NRI for DSC for NRI and DSC for a foreign individual.

  • What is the Cost of Digital Signature for Foreign Citizens and NRI?

    The cost of a digital signature certificate for NRI is determined by the type of digital signature you need as well as other considerations like the number of years of validity and the possibility to renew a current DSC. Digital signatures are provided to customers by a variety of digital signature providers. DSCs are issued online and without the use of paper by eMudhra, a renowned and certified certifying organization. The digital signature price ranges from Rs. 1499 to Rs. 5,999, depending on the class, term, and type of certificate required by the customer.

  • How to Hire a Digital Signature for Foreign Citizens and NRI Consultants?

    When looking for a Digital Signature Certificate Consultant, look for the traits listed below.

    • Strong analytical and quantitative skills, including in-depth knowledge of Excel and SQL, as well as the ability to back up assumptions, proposals, and actions with data and analytics.
    • You must pay special attention to the specifics to uncover holes and possibilities in procedures and build inventive, effective remedies.
    • Excellent commercial judgement and a pragmatic, common-sense problem-solving approach Excellent commercial judgement and a pragmatic, common-sense problem-solving approach
    • Excellent business judgement and a pragmatic, common-sense approach to problem-solving

    Hire Digital Signatures for Foreign citizens and NRI Consultant to obtain DSC for foreign nationals. 


  • How to Use Gigzoe to Hire Digital Signature Certificate Consultant for Foreign Citizens and NRI?

    Gigzoe is a freelance marketplace where you can hire vetted freelancers and service professionals to help you expand your business. Visit the Gigzoe website and choose ROC Compliance from the available options to Hire Digital Signature Certificate Consultant. There are a variety of ROC Compliance services available in various aspects. From the list of options below, choose "Digital Signature Certificate for Foreign citizens and NRI". You can choose the best freelancer from the pool of available freelancers based on your budget, city, writer's badge, and experience with the documents required for DSC of foreign national. You can also send a message or make an appointment to discuss your needs and pay in instalments by sending a message or making an appointment.