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Akshat P.

  Uttar Pradesh

I build User Centric Solutions for Product Based Businesses.

   University of Lucknow

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About Akshat P.

Hi, I'm Akshat, a user experience specialist and a design entrepreneur from heart.

I am brilliant at finding a balance between users' needs and business goals and design websites and mobile apps that solve users problems and bring money to businesses.

Book me to speak at your event or conduct a workshop on: mindset, user research, visual design, user experience and interaction design.

I love solving problems.Be it counselling a heart-broken friend or breaking my head to build a complex UX flow - I do them all. I am a dynamic personality, who is curious to learn more and more by the end of everyday.

I started my career as a fresher in 2018, where I worked as a front-end and Wordpress developer for 6 months, and then I switched my interest to the User Experience Problems, I really found this interesting to find easy solutions, which creates the possibility of getting the experience closest to the humans. 

In short let's define it as "Humanizing and Personalizing the Design".Everything was going well, until the pandemic happened, for everyone it proves to be worst, but fortunately for me it proves to be the best time of my life or I must a turning point of my life.I was jobless for a month, and had nothing in my mind, the only thing I know is create solutions for existing mobile and web problems. 

So, I took a step ahead and start creating designs on daily basis and uploading them on Instagram at first. I did gone through some paid marketing courses too, which helped to understand and study about the clients and its requirements. I mastered instagram marketing in 3 months, and started working as freelancer. 

I got my first U.S lead from a comment section (which was completely unexpected), but that lead paid me $1500 for my first project, which was insane for me on that time.It was like a dream, where I was getting Rs.1,20,000 for an year, and here I have $1500 just in 2 days. 

This thing showed me my real value, then I started upgrading my skills in design and marketing as well, I also started practicing as a public speaker, as I love to teach people about mindset and the knowledge, I have with me.

Some of the Biggest Giants I have worked with are:

1. Johnson's & Johnson's

2. Nazara Digital

3. HCL 

4. Calvin Klein

5. Fearless.Store

Learning Entrepreneurship these days, as I am already working on my future project.

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Akshat P.

Uttar Pradesh

  • 4.8
  • 3 yrs Exp.
  • 10 Orders
  • 75 min
hire designer

Akshat P.

Uttar Pradesh

  • 4.8
  • 3 yrs Exp.
  • 10 Orders
  • 75 min
hire designer

Akshat P.

Uttar Pradesh

  • 4.8
  • 3 yrs Exp.
  • 10 Orders
  • 75 min

Client Reviews and Projects

  • Abhishek Singh Dhami

    Dos Amigos

    Akshat is a brilliant leader, mentor and a proficient designer. He has an exceptional talent in inspiring the team even during the most critical of times. I worked with Akshat in multiple design teams. He has an eye for details that make his designs standout.

  • Philip Joseph Scarfi

    Swim Float Schedule

    I have worked with Akshat as a User Experience Designer. I must say, his skills really made him unique in the UI/UX Design profession. He is very passionate about this role and always given his 100% on the Deliverables. He made sure that Projects are delivered to the client on Schedule, within the budget and scope with zero or < 3 Major defects.That really shows the Quality of the Deliverables and Client satisfaction. One must have a Reporting and Presentation skills to succeed in the IT industry, he showcased both. I wish him all the best.

  • Hamza Hamsaas

    Tutee App

    Akshat is simply one of the best designers I've had the pleasure of working with. He is rigorous, opinionated, and pays plenty of attention to detail. In specific, his UX and VD design portfolio is outstanding, and frequently pushes the envelope with what he tries to achieve with Figma and Adobe XD. I worked with him closely as a Project Manager, and frequently blew me away with the designs he came up with, I'd recommend him to anyone!

  • Raheman Ali Nandoliya

    Maternity App

    Akshat is very motivated designer who has a good sense of design. He is exceptional in delivering outputs faster and his hungry for learning is amazing. Wish him all the best for his wonderful future. I would be more than happy to recommend him strongly for challenging design positions for which he is very much capable of performing better.

  • Savio Saldanha

    Gaming Portal Design

    I have worked with Akshat, he is one of the passionate designer I have met. His attention to details, forward thinking quality and being creative in crafting the design are great assets to have him on any company. He maintains a very good balance between UX and VD, keeping himself updated with the latest trends in the fields and industry needs. He is a fast learner, team player and good at multi-tasking. I wish him all success throughout his career. Good Luck!

  • Sunny Kumar Singh

    Dan LeFebvre Photoshop Course Design

    I have worked with Akshat in two projects myself as Editor and he was the Creative Designer. In both projects, he amazed me with his creative skills and by his quick response. He always finishes the task well before the scheduled time without any deadline pressure. One genuine quality is. he never hesitates to ask for clarification which always helped us to bring error free reports/newsletters. Quick learner and readily grab all the inputs/Suggestions given and apply it. Always cordial and willing to help the other team members. Highly dependable and reliable resource.

  • Surinder Kahal

    Ledger App

    Akshat is a talented and conscientious designer combining in-depth understanding of ux design principles with a solid eye for traditional design tenets such as color, typography and composition. It's not easy to come across designers that are highly creative and highly reliable at the same time, and akshat delivers on both fronts.

  • Madhusoodhanan Ramakrishnan

    Spice Riders

    Akshat has an excellent knack for design, interpretation and interaction, topped with esthetics and colour. His humility and passion for work made it an inspiring experience, working with him. One of the truly best in the industry from India. Not too long, I forsee him to earn his place at the international helm.

  • Yatin Kapoor

    Mobilly Invited

    Great design 👍. Most importantly was open to feedbacks and discussion.

  • Taran Singh


    Akshat worked with Melvano for designing our mobile & web application. He was professional in approach & skilled at his job. The designs were great & we've been getting amazing feedback. Will recommend him 10/10 !