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  Tamil Nadu

Full Stack Web developer | Python developer with Django and heroku experience

   Sathyabama University

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I'm Hariharan B P, I'm a full stack web developer specialized in django(python) with 2+ years of experience in developing websites using it. I have developed websites like real estate portal, COVID-19 Bed availability and tracker, hotel website template, a blogging site, and presently I'm doing a E-library platform. I have worked in real world scenarios so, I can assure you that your projects are in safe hands. Even though I'm still pursuing my engineering degree in computer science field but, my skills are a good match-up with experience. 

I have worked with Codeif Technologies as django developer before moving onto to Developer Relations at Google Developer Student Clubs (present).  


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  • HTML CSS & Javascript
  • advanced
  • Python
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  • Django
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  • PostgreSql
  • intermediate
  • MySql
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  • AWS
  • basic

Client Reviews and Projects

  • Hotel Karthi

    Hotel Website Template

    It is simple frontend template for a hotel room and food booking scenario. It uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript. We can add the backend to this template with ease. It can be integrated with any backend framework available like django, PHP, Angular, Node etc.

  • Anshuman

    Covid Bed availability website

    "I approached him with a lots of doubts like whether he can complete my dream or not but, he turned my odds into evens by providing me the asked work within a small period of time as it was urgent and was necessary to publish because, those were hard times and this feature was urgent. I will surely contact him for next work." This website will give the available beds in the nearby hospital. You can search for any state and district and the hospital is search based on the same. (State and District). Uses HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript for frontend. Postgres as database and API from rapidAPI for the Indian covid Statistics(daily updates)

  • Tech Boizs

    Blogging site

    To create a simple blog using Django which will allow the user to add, update, delete post. So, that they can stay updated with the technology changes. It provides various features like write, delete, update blog posts users can view the author's profile. Contact them on social media. This was done in a short period of time of 10 days and it was built from scratch with the help of CSS and CSS framework BootStrap which really made my work easy.

  • Real Estate

    Property Listing

    You will get a fantastic property listing website similar to Magicbricks, 99acres etc. This website will give your company a new look for the customers, and for startups, it's a great-looking website that is user-friendly and responsive to any device from desktop/laptop to smallest I-phone and android phones. Customers can make inquiries easily via the listing page, and the realtor will get in touch with the customer, who in return will stay in touch. The main objective of this project was to create a website through which a user can buy, inquire about the property by booking a registration and a confirmation will be sent to both the staff and the user via email. The main issue here was to hide the security details in emailing part because, it can be way for threats in the websites. And I created environment where the details are stored and then I deployed it with ease and without any security issues.