Gigzoe Profile verification and Approval Process

Gigzoe Profile verification and Approval Process

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Gigzoe scrutinises every Expert profile very carefully. On average it takes about 2-3 weeks to verify and approve an Expert Profile. Gigzoe follows the below process to verify and approve an Expert profile:

1. Completion of all Profile Information:

The first step is to complete your Expert Profile on Gigzoe. The profile consists of different information as mentioned in the screenshot below. All the mandatory information needs to be completed so that profile is eligible to be considered for verification and approval.

You can see this Profile Completion Tutorial or read our article on how to complete your Gigzoe Profile.

2. Profile Quality Check up and KYC Check:

  • KYC Documents verification
  • Whether Brief Bio is written properly
  • Whether samples uploaded for gigs are desired quality
  • Whether gig description is written properly
  • Enter GST number if applicable

See best examples of brief bio and gig samples to make your profile approval easy, quick and hassle free.

3. Training, Questionnaire and interview:

Once the quality check and KYC verification is done, next is training through video tutorials, FAQs, and Articles. Post training there, there is a questionnaire and an interview based on training and profile information.

Once the questionnaire is submitted and the interview is completed, Gigzoe then decides whether to approve or hold the Expert profile.

When your profile is approved, you get an emailer of profile approval. In case the profile could not be approved, we send you an email stating reasons due to which we could not approve the profile, once the reasons are resolved the profile is considered for approval again.

For any doubts and queries, you can email us at [email protected].