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Hire Top Rated Web Design and Development Company in Bengaluru

Hire Best Web Design and Development Company in Bengaluru

Shubham Kumar Dedicated to the service of the Startup Ecosystem From Bengaluru. 5 Yrs Exp.

Shubham K.

Dedicated to the service of the Startup Ecosystem

Bengaluru 5 Yrs Exp.

  • 4.6
  • 4 Orders
  • 30 30 min
  • Agency Agency

I am Shubham Kumar. I have built India's one of the top Startup Media Platform- StartupTalky with over 1 Million Page views/ Month. During this journey, I have learned and explored all the vertices of Digital Marketing &...


  • Ecommerce Website Design & Development Services
  • General Blogs
  • General Blogs
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • Ahrefs
Sunrays Digital Wordpress, HubSpot Websites development expert From Bengaluru. 12 Yrs Exp.

Sunrays D.

Wordpress, HubSpot Websites development expert

Bengaluru 12 Yrs Exp.

  • 4.9
  • 2 Orders
  • 41 30 min
  • Agency Agency

I am an IT professional with Marketing technology Specialization, having worked in leading IT companies in India, USA, Australia.  I have designed, developed and managed critical projects for fortune 500 companies. We ha...


  • Business Website Development Services
  • Wordpress
  • WooCommerce
  • HTML CSS & Javascript
  • Python
  • Wix
Asim Ir Independent Writer & Editor | WordPress Web Developer | Graphic Designer From Bengaluru. 3 Yrs Exp.

Asim I.

Independent Writer & Editor | WordPress Web Develo...

Bengaluru 3 Yrs Exp.

  • 4.7
  • 5 Orders
  • Agency Agency

Every business requires immersive content to intrigue the audience. It can be creative, technical, or straight to the point. There's a story to be told somewhere. Interested? Let’s get started. ...


  • Logo Design Services
  • Blog Website Design Services
  • General Blogs
  • Canva
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
Syed Kashif Graphic Design | Website Development From Bengaluru. 4 Yrs Exp.

Syed K.

Graphic Design | Website Development

Bengaluru 4 Yrs Exp.

  • 4.9
  • 7 Orders
  • Agency Agency

Our team of experts helps in the growth of businesses. We profess in UI/UX , Logo Design, Branding and provide the best Web Solutions. We identify possible loopholes in a business and provide the best strategy to reach i...


  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Ecommerce Website Design & Development Services
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Blog Website Design Services
  • Packaging, Label & Box Design Services
  • Logo Design Services
Deepak Kashyap UI / UX - Design, Web & App Development & Digital - Marketing Services From Bengaluru. 5 Yrs Exp.

Deepak K.

UI / UX - Design, Web & App Development & Digital ...

Bengaluru 5 Yrs Exp.

  • 4.8
  • 10 Orders
  • 66 75 min
  • Agency Agency

We are a super - enthusiast and tech-savvy team of mean stack and full stack professional based out of Bangalore & Delhi,India. Having more than 10 + years of experience in providing IT Design, Development, Branding , Sa...


  • Ecommerce Website Design & Development Services
  • Wordpress
  • HTML CSS & Javascript
  • Laravel
  • Kotlin
  • Flutter
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Frequently asked questions

  • Why book Web Design and Development Company on Gigzoe?

    Usually Businesses have to put a lot of time in finding and getting quotes from various service providers, Gigzoe helps you save a lot of time by comparing and negotiating quotes for all your business services on one platform with different verified Service Providers. Gigzoe further allows you to book services with these Experts with 100% refund protection, option to pay in parts, track service delivery & dedicated support leading to full trust & transparency.

  • Are Gigzoe Service Experts reliable?

    Yes, all our Seller Partners are verified, screened and quality checked before approval. We approve only 10% - 20% best profiles of total registered applications. Further, our Seller Partners follow strict guidelines to complete your Service Orders. We work on training and upskilling our Seller Partners on a regular basis.

  • How will I pay for services on Gigzoe?

    You shall book the Service on Gigzoe by paying a minimum booking amount . You can then make the balance payments as per project milestones or as per progress of your Service Order. Payment can be made easily on Gigzoe Website or Mobile Apps.

  • How will I communicate with Expert & track service delivery?

    You can use Gigzoe Mobile App or Website Dashboard to communicate with the Expert using our Chat and Audio Calling Tools. Gigzoe uses masked calling where your number is kept private and not shared with our Partners to protect your privacy. You can also share files, track service delivery with regular updates on our Mobile App. Gigzoe’s 100% Refund Protection Policy is not valid if you communicate with our Seller Partners outside of Gigzoe.

  • What happens if I am not happy with the services?

    In a case, where your Service Order is not delivered as per committed quality and timeline, we transfer your order to another Gigzoe Expert or issue you a 100% Refund.

  • Does Gigzoe provide security & support?

    Gigzoe provided dedicated support to all support queries and concerns. We further provide 100% Refund Protection to the Buyers. Gigzoe uses Google Cloud Services to keep your data secure and safe. Our Data centres are ISO 27001 certified. Gigzoe uses a 128 bit SSL encryption for transmission of data and enables complete data privacy.

Learn About Web Design and Development Company

  • Web Design Development Company

    Great web design is pivotal to forming a good impression on your audience and prospective customers. Good designs are transparent and help nurture your leads and convert the leads. In its entirety, a good web design is essential for user experience. Whether the task is to build and design a website from scratch or you want some edits, to hire web design development company is the best way to move forward.

    But how can you know which web design company is the one that will make your business grow?

  • What Makes Web Design Great?

    Every website’s design must be built according to the target audience and help enhance the user experience. Keeping this in mind, we are sharing the major parameters and attributes of effective Web UI design services. Read these points with a fact in mind; your users will create an impression of your website in their minds within 50 milliseconds of visiting

    • Layout: The website design must be simple, clean, and smooth. This is a sort of universal rule in the realm of web designing. Because such designs give the visitor’s eye room to explore everything on the website, a cluttered web design can only confuse and force visitors to bounce off. 
    • Website Typography and Font: A font should be easy to read and stand out against the chosen backdrop colour. While choosing one, you must also consider your target audience. 
    • Navigation: A person visiting your website needs some information, and they want to access that quickly. Furthermore, your website design should facilitate this process by assisting users in navigating your site without becoming lost.

    The more user-friendly your website is, the more likely users are to interact with it.


  • How to Make a List of Best-Fit Companies and Choose One?

    To make a list to hire web design and development companies use the three sources given below. 

    • Google Search: You can Google “best web design and development company” to find a list of several companies. Don’t just start working with the first one. Instead, add the ones you think can satisfy your requirements on the list. 
    • Listicles: As a result of the same Google search, you will get the results of listicles. These lists rank the top companies (according to preset conditions). You can go through these lists and select the companies you think are good. 

    Hiring Platforms: Platforms like Gigzoe is the last option to make a list. Here you will find profiles of professionals.

  • How To Shortlist The Best Web Design And Development Company?

    Here’s the criteria you can follow to hire web developers for the best results. 

    • Project Fitness: Work with a company that can understand your requirements and have worked in the industry before. 
    • Experience: A company with experienced professionals is always better than one which has worked less. 
    • Ratings and Reviews: User-provided feedback is one of the best ways to assess the company’s work ethics, performance, and deliverability. 
    • Services Rendered: For best results, hire a company that can deliver different types of web design and development services. These include custom design, responsive web designing, desktop design, UI/UX creation, SEO-Friendly design, etc. 

  • What are the Most Important Factors to Hire Web Design Development Company?

    On Gigzoe, you will find many professionals and companies offering bespoke services. With us, you can hire freelance web developers or hire content writers at your own convenience. A job post that attracts must have the following;

    • Type of Work: Cleary share the work that needs to be done here. Even if it is as small as changing the icon for “going back” or it’s about building a new website from scratch. 
    • Length and Timeline: Share the project length as in, whether it is a small or large project. Also, provide the time in which you would want the work to be done. 
    • Cost: Always share your budget and whether you are ready to move a little so that you can attract only those companies who are comfortable with this price. 

    Work Scope: Mention an overview of the work, including information on what needs to be done at present and in the future. For instance, if you need maintenance and support services, mentioning it will help you hire the best company that can handle after-development tasks as well.